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French Christmas Celebration Part 2

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French Christmas Celebration Part 2

nor is there any particular time of year when french people celebrate christmas. they may start decorating the house and giving gifts to their family at the beginning of december, but for the most part, people are not really counting down the days to christmas. if you want to go to midnight mass on christmas eve, you can, but most of the time, they dont actually start to celebrate christmas till after epiphany on january 6. (if the weather is bad, or if you happen to be on vacation, you may find yourself in the midst of the christmas season before epiphany, but you wont be alone: most people in france dont really start celebrating christmas until after epiphany anyway.)

theres also no particular period of the year when youll find the most attractive christmas decorations. for example, although the christmas tree is the traditional part of christmas in the united states, its not necessarily so in france. in fact, ive heard that the french prefer to put up a wreath of holly or other evergreen instead, and that in some parts of france, people dont even put up a tree at all.

to be honest, in terms of christmas decorating, i dont think there are any real borders between france and other countries. in america, christmas decorations begin to be displayed on the first weekend after thanksgiving. but even if you come from a different country, youll find that christmas decorations in paris are pretty much the same as you might find in a village in the american midwest.

christmas lights, christmas trees, santa claus, wreaths, baubles, and many other items you might find in december in the united states are also available here. of course, if youre in a small village, theres a good chance you wont find many stores that sell things like that, because everyone who lives in those towns shops at the same place. but in a big city like paris, youll have no trouble finding everything you need. (of course, that doesnt mean that youll be able to get it before christmas, since most stores start to sell christmas decorations as early as october, or even earlier.) 3d9ccd7d82


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