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Fedora Remix For WSL Now Available For Download BEST On Windows 10



Another of the most popular Linux distros available, this download adds Debian as an app to your Windows 10 PC running WSL. It delivers a complete Debian command line environment, giving you access to all the familiar Debian tools. Need additional software Just install it!

Hi ScottOur it system engineers need to support both worlds, windows and Linux (rhel) (yes every engineer has its focus but all of them need to know the basics of both worlds). Due to the application landscape and internal policy, all end-users, including the whole it department get windows based clients. So to get, let's say the best of both worlds, we're using WSL (currently fedora) on our devices. To streamline everything it would be so nice to have a rhel based WSL as well, because our whole backend runs on Windows Server, RHEL or OpenShift.

Here are the instructions to run a full desktop in Fedora Remix: -built-in-systemd-support-in-fedora-remix-for-wsl I also recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep you updated. Also, follow us on Twitter @PengwinLinux

As the groundwork has been done, there are several popular Linux distributions are available to install as an app directly via Windows 10 store. You can search and install directly without needing to download an ISO image. Currently below Linux distributions are available to install in Windows 10.

alphaMELTS 1.9 is available at the download and information site.alphaMELTS 2 standalone & for MATLAB/Python are available on request(see the Version 2 tab on the download site for more details).For news of all MELTS software see the MELTS Facebook page.

What if you wanted to add an older linux distro to your WSL2 bullpen Visiting -us/windows/wsl/install-manual#installing-your-distro will show you a large number of options where you can download the appropriate .appx file.

If you prefer your Linux based on Red Hat, then you'll be pleased to know that Fedora has a version available for WSL. This isn't the official release of Fedora, as the name might imply, instead it has been 'remixed' and optimized for WSL. 1e1e36bf2d


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