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Download Shab Hd 720p Full ((FREE)) Movie In Hindi


Download Shab Hd 720p Full ((FREE)) Movie In Hindi

shab had the potential to be a bold n provocative film, instead, it turns out to be tame. but director onir has done a good job of handling multiple characters n their insecurities. newcomer bisht is perfectly cast as the small-town aspiring model, who later becomes toy boy to rich n bored wife raveena. his innocence n vulnerability will charm you. raveenas performance is good but her character needed more power. areesz as the restaurant owner is good n so is arpita, who hides a dark secret. definitely far better than the over-hyped khan movies. rating 3/5.

shab film hd 720p: in the midst of a delhi evening, a coffee shop girl raina (arpita chatterjee) and the man who loves her, afzar (ashish bisht), an aspiring model, share a passionate moment. however, their relationship comes to an abrupt halt when rainas mother dharmi and son asif jump in front of their car. this incident forces raina to think about her life, and she decides to end her relationship with afzar. afzar is heartbroken as he has dreamt of marrying raina. but a surprising twist in his love story, in the form of sonal (raveena tandon) comes his way. asif and sonal fall in love with each other, but their relationship is not quite the same as afzar and raina.

with a screenplay adapted from the french writer's novel of the same name, onir crafted a film that has its own memorable moments and a message that rings true. the director has also worked as a music composer in his earlier films, but shab is onir's first true big screen directorial venture. his previous work had been inspired by the lives of people around him, and this time around, he seems to have matured as a filmmaker. the film is an emotional roller coaster for the audience, and with his first attempt at making a feature film, onir has made a mark for himself. 3d9ccd7d82


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