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Love Notes (2007)

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Love Notes (2007)

In 1993, episode 518 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 satirized the play, condensing it to about a minute with dialog such as "Dear Melissa, I turned middle-aged this week. I'm a rich WASP and I love you."

Love Notes (2007) (movie): Follows the relationship between a classical music critic and a country music star after a one night stand, which results in an unplanned pregnancy. Discover the latest Discussions, Reviews, Quotes, Theories, Explanations and Analysis of Love Notes (2007) below

I am just *tickled* with how this bag turned out! Manetta loves world travel, and I was beside myself when I found this GREAT collage fabric with all things "London" -- very whimsy, very cheerful, very Manetta!

I've always loved the expression "Bloom Where You're Planted". I have a bazillion +1 flower stamps (and I know I'm not the only stamper with so many!), so this sentiment from Rosie's Roadshow has endless possibilities for me! As we get closer to spring it's going to be seeing a LOT of ink over the next few months.

The patterned paper is from the Memory Box 'Homespun' collection. Their 6x6 papers are great! They are a real nice weight, and are double sided. AND, both sides coordinate so they're especially great for those days when you want things to come simple to you. I personally love it when I don't have to think to hard to make something come together.

The weather has been a bit warm here this week. We've had a couple of days in the low 80s. Too warm for February, if you ask me! But today is totally different! It's cooler and there's a low cloud as far as you can see that has brought in a very fine misty rain. It reminds me of visiting the Oregon Coast with the fine fog and rain coming off the beaches. I *love* it!

There are so many fun and whimsical stamps available these days, and Memory Box images have always been some of my fav's. When they came out with their line of penguins! GASP! I *love* penguins! Probably as much as I love chocolate and snowmen! I had to have this Dressy Penguin stamp - he's just so CUTE!

Woweeee!! I'm totally amazed at how many people submitted comments to the Valentine blog candy! Thanks girls! So wonderful to hear from each one of you! I've read every comment. AnneMarieZ at post #238 wanted to know if I was still reading -- Yup! And, every one after that, too! =) Thank you for all the kind wishes and delightful notes.

"Blog candy! Blog candy! Blog candy! How funs is all that stuff. I needto get to Target more often....the only thing is when you got to Targetyou need the U-Haul! Thanks for the offer Anna. Hope you and Alan theanimal have a great, lovely day." - Janet Prentice

While Alan was as feisty-fun as usual yesterday (I like him that way) he was a very good sweetheart. He surprised me with two dozen red roses, lovely white gold diamond earrings, and a very sweet card. It all made me cry - I'm such a emotional ball of mush!

And last, but certainly not least... I will be drawing ONE more name to complete today's list of winners. The final name I choose (at random) will receive my new Whipper Snapper Designs stamp "Three Chocolate Truffles". Mmmmm...chocolate! I love chocolate...

I absolutely love the thought you all put into your Valentine holiday traditions, meals, and projects, and the comments you left on my blog are amazing! If you're looking for some great Valentine ideas, check out the posts here. The ideas are fantastic!!

For Valentine's Day, I will be making some sort of scrumptious heartshaped cake (I'm thinking that there will have to be pink tintedcoconut over the frosting). I would love to be able to go out to aromantic dinner with hubby (to a fondue restaurant) but with two youngkiddos, going out is almost an impossible dream at times.

I've got a list of love notes to make for friends and family, heart lollipops to make, sewing projects to finish, Valentine pamper-yourself packages to put together, and ... well, I think I'd better get busy!

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