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Without Remorse

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Without Remorse suffers from the same problem as the Jack Ryan series also streaming on Amazon. Tom Clancy may've invented this kind of international thriller, but his work has been so influential that it now appears hackneyed and cliched. Like the Jack Ryan series, Without Remorse is slick stuff and will probably engage fans of the genre, but it arrives without much freshness or originality.

The question, in the unknown new frontier of post-pandemic franchises, is what happens to the planned second installment, not to mention any possible future entries, without the launch pad of a theatrical release. Given the robust groundwork here, it would be a shame not to see Jordan continue developing a character already furnished with multiple future story arcs.

He'd never know why he stopped. Kelly pulled his Scout over to the shoulder without a conscious thought. She hadn't had her hand out soliciting a ride. She'd just been standing at the side of the road, watching the cars speed past in a spray of highway grit and a wake of fumes. Her posture was that of a hitchhiker, one knee locked, the other bent. Her clothes were clearly well used and a backpack was loosely slung over one shoulder. Her tawny, shoulder-length hair moved about in the rush of air from the traffic. Her face showed nothing, but Kelly didn't see that until he was already pressing his right foot on the brake pedal and angling onto the loose rock of the shoulder. He wondered if he should go back into the traffic, then decided that he was already committed, though to what he didn't know, exactly. The girl's eyes followed the car and, as he looked in his rearview mirror, she shrugged without any particular enthusiasm and walked towards him. The passenger window was down already, and in a few seconds she was there.

He remembered what he'd once been. He remembered all the things that he had survived, amazed that he had done so. And perhaps the worst torment of all was that he didn't understand what had gone wrong. Sure, he knew what had happened, but those things had all been on the outside, and somehow his understanding had gotten lost, leaving him alive and confused and without purpose. He was on autopilot. He knew that, but not where fate was taking him.

Springer was a diesel-powered motor yacht, forty-one feet long, custom built but similar in her lines and internal arrangements to a Pacemaker Coho. She was not especially pretty, but she had two sizable cabins, and the midships salon could be converted easily into a third. Her diesels were large but not supercharged, because Kelly preferred a large comfortable engine to a small straining one. He had a high-quality marine radar, every sort of communications gear that he could legally use, and navigation aids normally reserved for offshore fishermen. The fiberglass hull was immaculate, and there was not a speck of rust on the chromed rails, though he had deliberately done without the topside varnish that most yacht-owners cherished because it wasn't worth the maintenance time. Springer was a workboat, or was supposed to be.

"I'm sorry. Guess I haven't been very good company." He turned to look at her again and saw understanding in her eyes. Just a quiet look, very human and feminine, but it shook Kelly. He could feel it happen, and ignored the part of his consciousness that told him that it was something he'd needed badly for months. That was something he didn't need to hear, especially from himself. Loneliness was bad enough without reflection on its misery. Her hand reached out yet again, ostensibly to stroke the tattoo, but that wasn't what it was all about. It was amazing how warm her touch was, even under a hot afternoon sun. Perhaps it was a measure of just how cold his life had become.

Italian director Stefano Sollima, known for his work on Suburra and Sicario: Day of the Soldado, is the first to bring this action-packed drama to the big (or small) screen from its 1993 original novel of the same name. Michael B. Jordan is the third person to portray John Kelly on screen, though this is the first time the character is leading his own adaptation (and without Jack Ryan). We got the chance to speak to Sollima on bringing this novel to life, the legacy of the Clancy franchise, and the immersive stuntwork Michael B Jordon took on as John Kelly.

When should normal vs CPS vs codensity vs reflection without remorse be used I imagine a hard and fast answer would require benchmarking a given monad and application, but are there any rules of thumb

CPS can be faster than normal style because you may not have to do case-analysis. Although the actual speedup may vary based on how the code is compiled by GHC. Codensity and reflection without remorse have some overhead.

This method can't be written in the CPS or codensity style without first converting back to normal style. The reflection without remorse style does not have this problem.

The claim that par can't be written in CPS without first converting back to normal style needs some qualification, since all data types can be replaced with universally quantified continuation-passing style types.

"Tom Clancy's Without Remorse," the movie adaptation of the classic military action novel, throws down with no apologies and zero remorse. The filmmakers didn't want to make a throwback period movie, so they had to update the characters and plot to explain how Navy SEAL John Kelly transforms into lethal shadow operative John Clark.

Marriage does not have to be a bummer. There is nothing wrong with the divine institution; there is often much wrong with our execution. Marriage without remorse is not an accident. More often than not, it is our persistent foolishness and our sins that turn what God intends for a blessing into a chronic burden. Follow the rules for the road and marriage can be a taste of heaven on earth. 59ce067264


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